About Kommon Sense


Kommon Sense is a strategic communication tool whose mechanics is predicated on principles and skills such as; Communication, Strategic Thinking, Creative Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Negotiation Skills, Commerce, Personality Profiling, Marketing, Leadership, Values, Ethics and Morality.

Navigating your way through this maze of principles in one sitting is what makes Kommon Sense the best learning tool for strategic communication in the world.
The overall objective of Kommon Sense is to simplify the complex learning process of strategic communications into a fulfilled experience that can be domesticated and applied in different sectors and at multiple levels.

Kommon Sense was invented by Victor Prince Dickson early in 2012, but it was officially presented to the public on that of October that same year. Kommon Sense is published by El-spice Media Group in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.

Inside a pack of Kommon Sense there are 72 Cards of different values. Each of these cards represents, captures and symbolizes major issues that have direct relevance and consequence in our modern day life, issues such as Justice, Truth, Love, Marriage, Freedom, Religion, Sex, Money, Power, Life and Death. Etc.
To play Kommon Sense you must understand two key things; the key words/ elements and the rules. And this you will find in every pack of Kommon Sense.

Kommon Sense is a multipurpose and multilayer communication tool kit that provides functional education in communication skills across different segments of the society. It is an effort to entrench and expose the mind to strategic thinking and creative communication. The tool kit comprises of a pack of cards, a diary and an anthology.